He shoots. He scores! For this assignment I had to create a website on Dreamweaver on an appropriate topic of my choosing. The website had to include a homepage with an introduction, at least five additional pages, a reflection page, a works cited, and a flash animation all on the homepage or as a separate page. I a title on each web browser, for all of the pages, a global navigational bar on all pages, at least two external links, and at least four objects cited correctly.  I completed my website on the National Hockey league’s reigning Stanley Cup champions the Boston Bruins. In previous web graphics classes I have done several exercises meant to prepare myself for the completion of this task. One of these exercises that I was given was a specific prompt that told me to prepare a website based on a fictional pasta restaurant. I also did previous assignments in Adobe Flash for the hockey player in my website. The techniques and strategies I used helped me make my Boston Bruins website. One skill I required during the completion of this task was linking a picture to the website I found it on when it is clicked.  I also used the completion of former exercises in Adobe Flash such as a classic motion guide in my flash animation. Without these skills I would not know where to begin in completing my own website.
. I decided to complete my website on the Boston Bruins because at the beginning of the season my Dad was watching a hockey game and I decided to sit down and watch it with him. That was the moment that I became a hockey fan and became entranced by the action and speed that the players displayed moving down the ice. I started my website construction by starting with a layout for my website in word, and then using other resources for all of the information on the team and its players. One obstacle I encountered while completing this task was creating my flash animation because creating my hockey player took several attempts to make and I know it is not perfect. I got through this challenge by telling myself that even if the Flash animation is bad if the rest of the website is up to par then it would not matter as much.
            The completion of this task has helped me as a student because I am not the best with technology and this assignment even though it is not the best website shows how hard I worked to make it the best website I could do. It also showed me the complexities and effort that goes into creating any website , and with their being so many of them on the internet it is mind boggling on the combined amount of time people spend creating them.

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