Narragansett High School Cheers!

"The Stars of the Show!"

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*Mariners in the house yell, "Go Big Red"*

*6 more 6 more *clap clap* come on Mariners lets up that score!*

*Defense stop em' Mariners block em'*

*F-I-G-H-T Mariners lets fight*

*Come on Gansett lets go G-O G-O*

*Go big red lets go big red*

*Red *clap clap* White *clap clap* red white go Gansett*

*Defense lets roll get the ball lets go*

*Defense get tough get tough defense get tough*

*Dribble dribble shoot shoot take that ball to the hoop hoop*

*Jump jump get it get it rebound that ball*

*Gansett to the hoop shoot 2 *clap clap clap*