Home! Stunts! Tumbling! Cheers! Competitions! Flash! Works Cited!

Do you know how to design an entire website? I do! In this task I made a website on cheerleading consisting of 8 webpages.  Each website had to do something with cheerleading and then 2 pages where the reflection, flash, and works cited.  I learned how to make an entire website in past classes throughout the year working with adobe Dreamweaver to make it successful and working. Also my past projects with flash has helped me to make a flash with detail and looking like real cheerleaders doing jumps. Skills that I demonstrated were my knowledge of designing a website and time management skills. Without them I would not be able to complete the website in time or as efficiently as I had. That is why knowing how to manage time is imperative in completing this project.  Knowing how to design a website is also an important skill because without knowing that this project wouldn’t have been possible to finish.
            To complete this task I went through many steps to complete the website. First I made sure to site my website and start with my plan on what my website will consist of. After the planning I started it and made my 8 pages. After many classes of working on the project including writing a reflection, making a flash, and citing every photo I used, I finished my website in time.  I encountered many obstacles throughout the process.  Ones that I really got stuck on where when my photos kept deleting themselves on my pages and when I was unsure how to set up my pages at first. I went about trouble shooting them was asking my peers for help and my teacher as well. This task has helped me to understand Web Design by I now know all the necessary components to complete a website. I used my knowledge of using a table for setting up everything organized.  Knowing how to hyperlink as well helped to link every one of my pages together. Without these I would not know how to understand Web Design.
            This task has helped me prosper as a student in various ways. I can now make a website whenever I want to and be confident with my work. I can use Dreamweaver and flash knowing what to do in each program without feeling confused on how to do anything.  Also my time management skills helped to complete this because without knowing how to complete this in time I would have a late instead of getting it in on time.  I will use the skills I learned in future computer classes where I have to use Dreamweaver or make a flash project or if I need to make a website again for a class. This knowledge I have acquired of making a website will help me in the future with making websites and using Dreamweaver and flash programs.