Mark Liptak
Mr. Herz
Web Graphics and Design
31 May 2012

For this common task I was requires to create a website using Dreamweaver. My topic was skiing; free skiing specifically. I also was requires to make a flash animation of the website that I created using Adobe Flash Professional CS5. In order to ensure that I gave credit to the original sources and pictures I created a works cited page. Skills that I have learned while doing this common task include how to use Dreamweaver, how to use Adobe Flash Professional CS5, and what it takes in order to create a website. In order to prepare for this common task I had to learn about Dreamweaver and Adobe Flash Professional CS5. I used them for a few weeks before beginning this common task, in order to obtain background knowledge.

The most challenging part of this common task was taking the extra time to make the website visually pleasing, using the proper format. At first the website looked very good, but I quickly noticed that none of the text matched the font or color of the other text. The easiest part of this common task was making the flash animation for the website. It was very simple to make the animation because of the background knowledge that I gained prior to starting this project.

I met five standards by completing this task. The first standard that I met was standard 1.1 which states, communicate effectively using oral, written, and technological formats. I met this standard by creating a web page that showed and communicated information about my research topic; skiing. I used technology to create the webpage. I also used writing by putting the information on my website and citing it correctly in the works cited. The next standard that I met was standard 1.4; demonstrate the use of reasoning and problem solving skills and strategies through analysis and synthesis of data and information. I met this standard by fixing the glitches that I received when opening the website up in Internet Explorer. I met standard 2.1; the student must demonstrate the behaviors and skills for independence and collaboration. I met this standard by making this website on my own, without anyone else's help. I met standard 2.2; participate as a citizen in the local, national, and global community. I met this standard by making a website that will be able to be viewed by anyone on the internet.