Using twin-tip Skis, look to your left or right (whichever side you plan to rotate) as you take off. Bear in mind that you will land backwards. Spot your landing and keep your weight centered. Do not turn forward after you stomp at the landing.


When you take off, look over your shoulder and turn your upper body. You will see that the Skis will follow. Grab the Tail and pull it into your spin. Do not let go at this moment. Look over your left shoulder and land upon seeing your landing.


540 Tail Grab
Remember that the grab will slow down your rotation, so set the spin harder. As you take off, look for the tail of your Ski, hold that with your trailing hand, and pull it into the spin. Keep your eyes over your shoulder. At this point, you are coming through the 360. Spot the landing. Center your weight and reach your landing with the tips of your Skis first, then the tails.


Corkscrew 720
Make use of your edge in doing this Ski Trick. Start off with your right (or left) outside edge. When you popped off your edge, extend your right arm forward and look toward your left hip. If you want a fast spin, tuck up. Otherwise, open up. When you have gone a 540, you will see your landing. Come out of your spin and reach for the landing.


D Spin 720
This is usually done on powder. Start off, turn your head, and throw your shoulder on your left (or right). Tuck up and your Skis will cross. After the spin, try to find your landing. Straighten out and reach the landing.


Mute Grab
Once airborne, maintain your balance by not reaching down make the grab. Instead, lift your legs and grab the opposite Ski.


Half Cab Mute Grab
You need to ski backwards in approaching the jump. Center your weight above your feet. Look over your shoulder and you will spin as you hit the lip. After the rotation, look for the landing and tread heavily.


Under Flip
Start off by turning 90� to face the slope at a right angle. Throw your uphill shoulder down and roll upside down. Make a 270 to land, or tread heavily on the landing.


This Ski Trick is a backward somersault in the air. As you take off, shift your weight backwards by leaning back. This will make your spin.


Backflip Mute Grab
In performing the Backflip Mute Grab, you need speed and more rotation. Obviously, this Ski Trick also entails Backflip, so make sure you know how to do it before trying the Backflip Mute Grab. In the tucked position, quickly go for the grab. Arch your back, spot your landing, and then tread heavily.