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I never would have guessed that a sport I play, such as lacrosse, would turn into a web design project. School and other activities rarely come together, but for this assignment, I was able to choose the subject of my project. I was assigned to create a web site that informed the viewers on any subject, particularly one that I found interesting and exciting. I prepared for this task in class by learning many web design techniques. I learned how to create many different effects on Adobe Flash and I also learned how to organize a web page on Dreamweaver. I was also assigned small projects that required me to plan out websites with an objective and an outline. This demonstrated my organization and planning skills which I found very useful in the common task. I also utilized computer and technology skills by learning how to use the Adobe software. These skills were all very important and used every time I worked on the task. Also, if I need to create a website for anything else or I need to use my organization skills that I learned, I will have them.

When creating any informational material, organization is key. A website requires plenty of organization and a uniform design to all the pages. I started the assignment by thinking of a purpose and an audience for the website, followed by the different pages and types of information that would be required for each page. Then, I created my flash animation. Once this was complete, I plug in a uniform layout for every page so that the website would not look confusing and overwhelming. The rest was easy. All I had left was to plug in the information in a way that would take the audience and purpose into consideration. I then created a works cited page and my website was complete. The most difficult part was to create the flash animation. Although we have done plenty of work on Flash animations before this assignment, I still found some aspects of the animation a struggle. But writing the actual content of the website was a breeze because it is a topic that I enjoy and know a lot about.  I knew exactly where I wanted to go with the information I had at hand and I just organized the information onto the corresponding pages. This task has allowed me to understand what the purpose of the class is. If I were ever to begin any business at all, I would need to create a website for it.  This has showed me how to organize one and how to gear it towards the right audience.

This task has helped me to become a better planner and more organized. Organization was a key aspect of this task and it is one that is helpful in all areas of school and life. I use organization skills in my everyday life and I will continue to use these skills for the rest of my life.  I also have much more knowledge of computer programs that can help me to design flash animations and complete websites. In a world where technological usage is constantly increasing, these skills will become necessary. Advertisement and education are both becoming more technological so learning to create a website can be very beneficial. This class has taught me that technology is becoming increasingly important and this common task has taught me how to use that to my benefit.


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