Talin Dirocco
Mr. Herz
Web Design
16 May 2012
Web Design Reflection
            Have you ever wondered how a flash animation is created and put into a website?  In this task, we had to create a website with a flash animation in it.  To do this task, we had to start with the basics.  We started by learning how to make websites with links to other parts of the website.  We then learned how to move object and make them bounce off each other.  After that, we learned how to make several things move around in curves and bounces.  Then, we made a face and made the mouth and eyes move.  This helped us learn how things will move with key frames.  After creating several animations and some websites, we began our project.  In this task, I learned how to create basic flash animations and websites.  We needed these skills to do this task.  If we didn’t know these skills, we wouldn’t be able to create a website.
            To make the website, we had to think of an idea and create a plan for it.  I drew out my plan and took the subject of Fencing.  When I had my plan done, I began my website.  I began by creating the amount of pages I would need.  This came to a total of 7 sites. I then created links to the other pages by creating a navbar.  For each page, I added a table and created more navbars so they all linked to the other pages besides the one you were already on.  This was a huge problem because sometimes the navbars would break and I would have to redo them.  Eventually, I had all my navbars done.  I then went online and found the needed information, which I recorded in my website.  While doing all this, I was creating my flash animation.  This caused me a lot of problems.  A few times I had to restart the entire thing because some tools I used would malfunction during the animation.  Eventually, I fixed all of the errors and finished the animation.  To find the errors, I needed to constantly view my animation in a video player.
            By completing this task, I now can make flash animations.  I will use this for my own enjoyment and if I ever need to use one in a flash animation.
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