Anthony Tartaro
Mr. Herz
Web design
May 29th, 2012


For Mr. Herz’s web design class, I was asked to create an eight page website on whatever topic I wanted. Along with the website, I needed to create a flash animation. For me to complete this task, I learned how to use Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe flash in order to make the website and the flash animation. The importance of learning these skills are being able to use them in future computer classes.

The first thing that was need of me to do in order to complete this task was to create the website on adobe Dreamweaver. Secondly, I created a flash using the program Adobe Flash Professional. Lastly, I had to make sure that the flash worked in my website and I had to finish up my work cited and reflection page. Some obstacles that I encountered throughout this task were making sure that all the pictures had two perfectly functional links and having to create a flash was a little difficult for me. This task helped me understand Web Design because I got to learn how to make my own website from scratch and I also learned that you can put any features that you want in a website.

In completion to this task, it’s made me a more productive student and it’s taught me things that I never would have thought that I can do. For example, I learned how to create a website from scratch that has a moving animation. I anticipate using the skills that I’ve learned in future computer classes and when I decide to create my own website at home.