Jonathan Tartaro
Mr. Herz
Web Design
Creating a website
Imagine surfing pipeline that’s 30 feet tall and 10-15 feet thick, all that excitement must be addicting. For this task I had to create a website that has 8 pages including the reflection an works cited as pages. To do this I had to pick a subject that interests me. I chose surfing Narragansett because I personally surf myself and I live in Narragansett, RI. I felt it was easier to complete this task by having some pre-knowledge of the subject. Some of the skills that I had to demonstrate were computer skills like how to use adobe Dreamweaver, being good at searching information up on the internet. Having these internet skills implanted in my brain makes it easy and simpler to find the information I required about surfing Narragansett. Having the adobe Dreamweaver program learned makes it faster to put up all the 8 pages that were asked of me.
The process I used to complete this project was to pick a subject, research it and then start using adobe Dreamweaver to put it all together to create the website. Some of the problems that I acquired were time management for example, when to set up each web page. Another problem was it was difficult to think of different pages that had to do with surfing. One of the couple classes I set up a schedule, so that I knew when to space time for each pages. Since I had troubles find core content about surfing I started to go deeper into my research which helped me figure out what I should do. This task has helped me understand that webs design isn’t easy but you just have to keep trying an ask questions which helps you a lot more that you think. Later on in college I will have a better understanding of computers because of webs design.
The completion of this task has helped me as a student by showing me key things about computers and how they can be of great use. Now that I am use to adobe Dreamweaver I will have no problem creating a website for now on. In the future if I have to make a presentation it will be a amazing one indeed because of webs design.