Equipment Needed

The Surfboard

You can't surf without it! Surfboards have undergone major transformation. Initially they were made of wood and were very big and heavy. But today boards are made of foam, fibreglass and even polyester resin. Newer surfboard designs use materials such as carbon fibre and variable-flex composites. The main parts of a board are the deck, rail, nose, tail and stringer

Wet suits

The next item on the list is the wetsuit. Some people wear trunks or shorts to surf, while others prefer the wetsuit. The wetsuit is great in colder climates, like in Europe or Australia, and keep you warm. Make sure you choose a wetsuit that has a sealed seam, which will hold a thin layer of water that works as insulation for the body.


A leash is a cable that has one end fixed to the tail of the board and the other end attached to the ankle. The leash ensures the board doesn't get too far away from the surfer. The leash should be about the same length as your board.

Surfboard Wax

The wax is applied to the surface of the board to enhance the grip of the surfer in any condition. It is also applied to the sides of the board, i.e. on the rails.



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