The Isle of Capri

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Capri is a small island off the coast of Naples and has been a popular vacation site since the times of the Roman republic. The island is made of three levels: the bottom harbor level, the middle level with the main town of Capri and the upper level with the town Anacapri.
The lower level is mainly filled with small shops and beaches for people who are either waiting for a boat back to the mainland or for a ride to the upper levels of the Island. However there is also a major attraction on the lower level, the Blue Grotto, the personal swimming pool of the Roman Emperor Tiberius. Tourists will pay for a boatride to the side of the island where you will meet up with a few guides on smaller boats. From there you will get onto the smaller boats and will be taken into a small hole in the side of the cliff that opens up into a small cavern that is completly iluminated by the water. Sunlight reflects of the white limestone and sand bottom and shows through enlightened water.

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