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In this task the class was asked to create a website with a topic of our choice. In that website we were required to make an original flash animation. I chose the topic of Italy for my website because of my recent trip there earlier this year. In this task I used all the skills we had been working on and learning about in the duration of the class. Skills that we learned on the first day, like basic coding, and skills we learned in the end of the class like the flash animations, were both used in the project.

To make a website with the proper amount of pages I took the sections of Italy I knew about and enjoyed visiting the most and made a page for each. Each page had a picture for each attraction or city, some of which were pictures I took myself. The flash animation was the most difficult part of the project, because of time constraints it had to be taken home and worked on there. This task helped me understand all that goes into making a good website.

This task has helped me as a student because it helped me decide what type education I would like to persue. The animation made me sure of what I want to do as a career, while 2d animation is not really the same type of animation I want to do, it has a similar feel to 3d animation. I will use these skills through out the rest of my schooling.

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