The Fastest Cars In the World

Ever since tha Karl Benz first drove his 1-liter, 1 cylinder automobile in 1896, car makers have always strived to be the "best." No automaker is content with the silver medal. And, as history has shown, no award is more coveted the the "World's Fastest" title. Major automakers are always pushing the limits of technology to get those extra few horsepowers, or shed those few extra pounds. Anything to make their car better then the rest and claim that most coveted of titles.This site is dedicated to those carmakers and their relentless pursuit of perfection. This site will spotlight 10 of the fastest cars in the world, 5 from the pages of history, and 5 current competitors for the title. If you have even an ounce of gasoline flowing through your veins, this is the site for you.

History's Fastest Cars

Current Competitors


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