Website Reflection
For this task, I created something that I probably would never have done if not for this class. I never anticipated having to create or ever needing to create a website, but Web Design has given me the tools necessary to create my website. My site was dedicated to telling the stories of five of the fastest cars in the world throughout history, and five current competitors for the title. I also included a Flash animation of several cars racing along a road. In order to complete this task, I spent a long time learning how to use programs like Dreamweaver and Flash, programs I would need to know how to use to complete my project. After adequately learning how to use Dreamweaver and Flash through various practices, I then created a Flash animation of the solar system. This helped expand the skills that I had acquired previously in the practices I completed. Besides acquiring skills in Flash and Dreamweaver, I also honed my creative writing skills. When I was making the pages about each of the cars, I included a short paragraph that briefly described various stats and specs and some other interesting information about the car. I had to make the paragraphs as interesting as possible, because if they were boring or read just like a list, no one would want to visit the site.
During class, I spent a lot of time doing research on cars that I thought would make good additions to my website. I spent many classes looking up specifications or statistics and looking for an interesting story about the car or something that made it interesting to read and write about. After I finished researching and writing about the cars, I also found various pictures and I also worked on my Flash animation. The hardest part of this project was definitely finishing the Flash. It was difficult because I have never been very good at Flash and it was difficult to translate my ideas into an animation. Another issue I faced was the difficulty in cropping the images of the cars racing in my Flash. Most images of a car include some kind of background and I had to somehow crop the picture in order to remove the background and have just the cutout of the car. I tried numerous programs to make this happen, including Paint, Photoshop, and PowerPoint, and through a combination of Photoshop and PowerPoint, I finally managed to put just the silhouette of the cars in my Flash. This task helped me to understand the practical applications of the things I learned in Web Design and helped clarify and expand on a lot of the things I had learned in class prior to the completion of this task.
This task has helped me grow as a student because I learned a lot about an area that I was not very familiar with. I had no experience with Flash or Dreamweaver and Web Design and this task helped turn me from a novice into a pro. For probably the first time, I can honestly say that a task will be helpful in the future. In the Information Age, it is impossible for a business to succeed without having a website of some sort. Being able to reach out to potential customers can maximize profits and can be the difference between the life and death of a company. Therefore, if I ever decide to go into business or start my own business, having the ability to create my own websites and make them interesting could be the difference between my success or failure.


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