Choosing a Skateboard
When choosing a skateboard it is all up to what you want to do, there are different brands and styles for different types of skateboarding if you want to skate vert buy a board that is meant for vert skating with a matching pair of trucks bearings and wheels to benefit that type of skating the same goes for all the different styles as long as you have a setup designed around the type of skating you want to do. As you progress gaining more information on skateboarding you will develope certain likes and dislikes to different products. Whether you want to long board street skate or skate vert there is a huge selection of boards which can be offered to you at your local skateshop or via the internet, there are always people at a skateshop to help narrow down the selection so it's not as overwhelming. Same thing with the internet there are many discussions of forums about how boards trucks wheels and bearings behave all you need to do is a little research to see if it matches you skate style. Skateboarding is an experience sport so you will never know untill you try.
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