History of skateboarding

Skateboarding was invented somtime in the 1940's and early 1950's because at the time surfers in California wanted somthing new to do that involved the agility balance and movement of surfing. This made it so instead of having to go to the beach to go surfing you could just go right putside your house and shred with the same type of motion as surfing. when skateboarding was born it only lasted a few years and after this happend board companies were forced to close due to the low number of people buying equipment. Skateboarding regained it's popularity in around 1975 and is still going strong today. Justlike anything Skateboaring has gone through many changes through the course of time on the left is a picture ofthe first generation of skateboard and the on the right is a modern skateboard

Wooden plank with wheels on it. Modernskateboard