Gage Denette

MR. Herz

Web Graphics and Design

11 June, 2013


Skateboard Website Reflection

            Have you ever wondered how a good website is actually made? In this task I had to create a website on a Topic of my choosing. I chose skateboarding. I then had to create a plan of attack. This gave me a “blueprint” on how go through with making this website. I also had to create a flash animation to go along with my final website that needed to consist of 8 total pages. To learn the content for this task I made practice websites to get a grasp on how to make my own website. To do these practices I was given the website and pretty much had to recreate it. This was a great help in learning the content needed for this common task. Through this common task I acquired the skills of making websites and planning. These skills are extremely important to the success of your website in this common task. If you don’t plan your website will be messy and unorganized. If you don’t know how to use the programs to make the website you can’t even start. The process needed in order to complete this task included a plan of attack, research on topic and website creation. The plan of attack acted as a “blueprint” giving me specific directions to creating the website with research information. I did not encounter any obstacles during this common task and thoroughly enjoyed it. I went through troubleshooting errors on each page individually all at once would have been overwhelming and disorganized. This task helped me understand web design by giving me a basic ability to create websites through HTML format with the programs Dreamweaver and Adobe Flash. This task has helped me as a student to better manage myself and to make a plan of attack to increase my chance of making a neat and organized work. I plan to use these skills in the future by including the plan of attack in any large project they may be assigned to me.