Skateboarding Types and Styles
Street Skating, is a version of skateboarding that the rider has no set destination or one object they can utilize, it actually has just the oppisite. what ever can be legally allowed is fair skategrounds for all people who wish to skate there. Skateboarding has limitless potential and offers riders the ability to create their own tricks.

Vert skating, is a version of skating in which the rider uses a U shapes ramp to propel himself back and forth doing a a combination of aerial flips, spins and grinds. vert skating is somewhat limited in the fact that you can really only spin and flip so many times before gravity pulls you back to the ramp.

Longboarding, is a version of skating that is a direct relative of the first skateboarders boards, the skateboard itself is a completley different shape and is actually much larger. This type of skateboarding is done by carving back and forth down hills at extremely high speeds. There are a good number of tricks that can be done on longboards but still has limited potential due the the size and weight of the board.

Here a skateboarder is streetskating utilizing a strange slanted wall.
Adam Taylor Here a Skateboarder is skating a halfpipe.
Longboarders on a hill Here are some longboarders carving a steep hill.