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Ed Sheeran, known as the "flame-haired singer/songwriter" because of his orange hair and love for the color, originates from the UK. He began recording his first albums in 2005, and has been a massive success ever since. By posting videos on YouTube, Ed Sheeran has become a singing sensation, with a fan base spanning across the world.

The artist was known when he was young for having extremely orange hair, very poor eyesight, and being hard of hearing in one ear. His family was not the richest, and Sheeran had to sacrifice a lot because of this. Despite his "slightly depressing" childhood, this kind of upbringing made him a stronger person with a great sense of humor; he loves to have fun and loves the color orange because it's so bright and happy. He describes that his humble beginnings made his values better than kids who had everything when they were growing up.
At age 11, Sheeran met his idol, Damien Rice, by chance backstage. After talking with him for a bit, Ed Sheeran went home and wrote his first song the next day, leading him to write all of his own songs. His other influences growing up include artists that his parent would always play around the house or on road trips. These legends include The Beatles, Van Morrison, Joni Mitchell, Planxty, Foy Vance, and Nizlopi.

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"The A Team"
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