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Jennie Dyer
Mr. Herz
Web Graphic and Design
10 June 2013
Creating a Website Reflection

Have you ever wanted to design your own website? By completing this common task, I was able to! For this task, I was to create a website that was about something that interested me; I picked the music artist Ed Sheeran. The website was to contain eight pages and include a Flash animation. Adobe Dreamweaver was used to construct the website, with each page having a subject with writing, pictures, links, and titles. Before completing this task, we learned about all of the different components in the process of completing a website. In class, we spent a lot of time learning about HTML codes, the different features on Dreamweaver, and how to appropriately make a Flash animation. We completed many practice activities that included making our own web pages and adding links, pictures, headings, tables, etc. Also, we learned how to create a website development plan of attack. This included the target audience of the website, the purpose, and outlined what each page within the website would consist of. I had to learn all the features and tricks to using both Dreamweaver and Flash, since I had not previously used these programs before. In preparing for this task, I acquired the skills of using various computer programs that I had never had any experience with before taking this class. I demonstrated these skills as I completed creating this website, while being able to use hyperlinks, create a copyright, use library items, and insert pictures. In doing this task, I had to use the skills of operating Dreamweaver and Flash, researching, writing and organizing thoughts, correctly citing sources, and editing my own work throughout the process. These skills were vital in completing this task because without any of them, I would not have been able to complete even one page, let alone eight.
I went through several steps in order to successfully complete this website. I had to create a plan for each of my web pages along with a plan for my Flash animation. I then used the chapters in Dreamweaver as a guide in setting up the format for each of my pages so that each one was consistent. After gathering pictures and research, I started to compile each of my web pages with information on Ed Sheeran. I hyperlinked appropriate words and phrases, cited everything, and then began working on my Flash. After finishing that, I inserted music onto each of my pages and then inserted my Flash onto the home page. During this process, I encountered the obstacles of not knowing how to insert music, not knowing how to cite a picture, not remembering the codes for certain features, and having my Flash deleted after almost being finished with it. To overcome these problems, I played around on Dreamweaver and Flash to fix the problems that I encountered. This task has helped me understand Web Design because I had to use all of my knowledge from the whole year to complete this website successfully. This task texted my ability to design and follow through with creating a full website with a consistent theme, appropriate links, etc. It opened me up to new programs and new methods of using technology affectively.
The completion of this task has helped me as a student by opening up my horizons to different aspects of technology. This being the first technology course I have taken, I have learned so much about Dreamweaver, HTML codes, and Adobe Flash that will help me in the future. I will now be prepared if I or someone else needs help formatting something on the computer or making a website. In the future, these skills will stay with me as I continue to use computers, formatting, design, or any other specific purpose.

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