Jeb Stuart



Born: February 6, 1833 in Patrick County, Virginia

Died: May 12, 1864 in Richmond, Virginia

Political Party: Democrat

Religion: Christian

Wife: Flora Cooke

Allegiance: United States (USA) Confederate States of America (CSA)

Highest Rank: Major General (CSA)

Other: Lee's trusted Calvary General, but failed him at Gettysburg. He was wounded during the Battle of Yellow Tavern and died shortly after.

Involvement in the Civil War:

Jeb Stuart was not a General in the Civil War who had previously fought in the Mexican-American War. Stuart was commissioned as a Lieutenant Colonel of Virginia Infantry at the start of the war. However General Jackson changed this and gave Stuart command of all of the Calvary forces in the Army of the Shenandoah. He was promoted to to Colonel on July 16, 1861. After fighting in the Peninsula Campaign Stuart was promoted to Major General in the Army of Northern Virginia on July 25, 1862. For the next two years Stuart would go on to fight in several battles across the Eastern Theater at battles such as Antietam and Chancellorsville. Stuart and his men did not only fight in battles, but as calvary he would screen the Union armies movement and report back to General Jackson and Lee. Although Stuart was considered the most reliable Calvary General in Virginia, he failed General Robert E. Lee at Gettysburg when he arrived late and did not give Lee sufficient information about the enemies whereabouts. Stuart still remained in his command in the army after Gettysburg, but during the Battle of Yellow Tavern in May 1864 Stuart was injured and died soon after.

Engagements (Civil War):\

- First Battle of Bull Run

- Peninsula Campaign

- Northern Virginia Campaign

- Maryland Campaign

- Battle of Fredericksburg

- Battle of Chancellorsville

- Gettysburg Campaign

- Overland Campaign (Killed at Battle of Yellow Tavern)

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