George B. McClellan



Born: December 3, 1826 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Died: October 29, 1885 in Orange, New Jersey

Political Party: Democratic

Religion: Presbyterian (Christian)

Wife: Marry McClellan

Allegiance: United States (Union)

Highest Rank: Major General

Other: Ran for president but lost nomination against Lincoln

Involvement in Civil War:

George McClellan like most of the generals who had served in the American Civil War had also previously served in the Mexican-American war. McClellan was a well known military figure during the start of the war and he was offered many positions from different states to lead their voluntary militia. McClellan eventually became Major General of Volunteers, and also taken command of the Ohio militia in April 23, 1861. By May 4th he was given the rank of Major General in the regular army. His first involvement of the war included taking control of Western Virginia so it would no longer be in the hands of the confederates. Throughout his time in West Virginia there were no major battles, but rather skirmishes or small engagements. After the first major land battle of the Civil War, Bull Run in July 1861, Lincoln called for McClellan in West Virginia to come to Washington D.C, and the Army of the Potomac was formed. McClellan was know as an overly cautious general and many said this was a bad thing and led to some of his greatest military failures. McClellan held the command of the army of the Potomac for a short time but after the tragic battle of Antietam McClellan was relieved of his command from the Army of the Potomac on November 5, 1862. He was replaced by Ambrose Burnside. Shortly after his service McClellan returned to the North and ran for president in 1865 against Abraham Lincoln but lost the nomination.


- Battle of Rich Mountain

- Peninsula Campaign

- Seven Days Battle

- Antietam

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