Patrick Cleburne



Born: March 16, 1828 in County Cork, Ireland

Died: November 30, 1864 in Franklin Tennessee

Political Party: Democrat

Religion: Episcopalian (Christian)

Wife: none

Allegiance: United States (USA) Confederate States of America (CSA)

Highest Rank: Major General (CSA)

Other: Was a high ranking foreign General who was born in a different country (Ireland) and died during the war.

Involvement in the Civil War:

Patrick Cleburne was born in Ireland and had previously served in military, but not the Mexican-American War. When secession occurred, Cleburne sided with the south. Cleburne started his service by joining the local militia (Yell Rifles) as a private soldier, soon after he was elected Captain. Cleburne was later designated to the 15th Arkansas where he was elected as a Colonel. On March 4, 1862 he was promoted to Brigadier General. Cleburne fought and commanded at several battles across the Western Theater such as Shiloh and the Battle of Richmond, Kentucky. He was nicknamed the "Stonewall of the West" and was promoted to division command. Cleburne commanded at battles such as Chickmauga and Battle of Wauhatchie, but after 1863 it seemed like the Confederacy was beginning to fall. On November 30, 1864 Patrick Cleburne was killed during the Battle of Franklin.

Engagements (Civil War):

- Battle of Shiloh

- Battle of Richmond

- Battle of Perryville

- Battle of Stones River

- Battle of Chickamauga

- Battle of Missionary Ridge

- Battle of Ringgold Gap

- Battle of Picketts Mill

- Battle of Atlanta

- Second Battle of Franklin (Killed)

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