Joe Iacono

Mr. Herz

Web Graphics

11 June 2013

___________________________________________Civil War Project Reflection_______________________________________________

Have you ever created an actually Website before? Well this task included that I create a website that included an animation. This task required me to create a website about a topic that I was interested in. It was more complex than it sounds, because I was required to create a website with more than one page (mine was over a dozen) and includes an animation, and works cited. I started my website by first completing a "plan of attack" or a plan of what I was going to do for my website and how I was going to set it up, I also created a "plan of attack" for the information I created for my website. After choosing a topic and then creating the "plan of attacks" I started my website. I used the program Dreamweaver to create my site. I created my website based around American Civil War generals, I had a homepage (index) a brief history of the Civil War page, A Confederate Generals list page, a Union General list page, 6 separate Confederate General page, 6 Union General page, a works cited page, and of course a reflection page. After creating all of these pages and then editing them I was done with my website. During this task I demonstrated many skills; I demonstrated my organization skills, time management skills, basic computer skills, animation skills, and website design skills. This whole project was based on the computer and I had a deadline to get it completed. I was able to successfully complete my website on time and improve on all of my skills. These skills are important because everyone of them was required to complete this website and task proficiently.

I had some obstacles and problems while completing this task. When I first started the task I had problems creating a "plan of attack" because I was not sure how I was going to create and organize my website. But once my "plan of attack" was complete creating the rest of the website was fairly easy. The only other obstacles or problems I had was trying to complete the whole website including this reflection on time, and creating the animation for my Civil War homepage. I got through these errors by staying after school and working extra time to make sure that I had finished my website on time. I got through my animation problems by practicing creating an animation several times until I created one I was satisfied with. This task helped me understand web design because this whole entire task was about web design so I learned quickly what made a good website. I learned that websites are more than just information on webpages, and that you must plan how to create and organize your website ahead of time to make sure everything turns out well. For example you must think of a target audience before starting.

The completion of this task has helped me develop as a student in many ways. I learned and improved on many skills throughout the completion of this website task. I also learned how to create a webpage and everything that goes into it such as HTML. The other thing I learned was how to create an animation and put it into a website. I plan to use all of the skills and content that I learned through the completion of this task in future classes, or out of school as a hobby or interest. I would also like to use everything I learned in this web design class to hopefully create a website of my own in the future, or possibly use the skills I learned in a future career.


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