William Sherman



Born: February 8, 1820 in Lancaster, Ohio

Died: February 14, 1891 in New York, New York

Political Party: Republican

Religion: Catholic (Christian) Did not adhere to organized religion most of adult life.

Wife: Ellen Sherman

Allegiance: United States (Union)

Highest Rank: Major General

Other: After the Civil War Sherman became General of the Army of the United States for a time.

Involvement in Civil War:

General William Sherman was a ferocious general that was feared greatly by the enemy. Sherman fought (commanded) in both the eastern and western theaters of war. Sherman was one of the few generals in the American Civil War who did not fight previously in the Mexican War. General Shermans first command held during the Civil War was being colonel of the 13th U.S Infantry regiment which fought at the Battle of Bull Run, President Lincoln heard about Colonel Shermans gallantry and courage at this battle (grazed by a bullet twice) and promoted him to Brigadier General of Volunteers on May 17, 1861. After this time for a while Sherman had a breakdown and became depressed but eventually returned back to his command. Sherman then went to the Western theater and was given command under the leadership of General Ulysses Grant which he wanted. He was wounded twice at Shiloh (hand and shoulder) and three horses were shot out from under him. General Grant later praised Sherman for this and he was later promoted to Major General of Volunteers on May 1, 1862. General Sherman would then go on to command in several battles across the western and eastern theaters mostly under Grants command until the end of the war. Sherman also became well known his "March to the Sea" in which he separated from the rest of the army and moved south down through Georgia all the way to Savannah "the sea" (November-December, 1864). Throughout this march an estimated $100 million dollars in property damage was caused as the soldiers destroyed houses and stole food from farms. Soon after in 1865 the American Civil War ended.

Engagements (Civil War):

- First Battle of Bull Rub

- Battle of Shiloh

- Vicksburg Campaign

- Jackson Expedition

- Chattanooga Campaign

- Meridian Campaign

- Atlanta Campaign

- Savannah Campaign (March to the Sea)

- Carolinas Campaign


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