Thomas (Stonewall) Jackson



Born: January 21, 1824 in Clarksburg, Virginia (West Virginia now)

Died: May 10, 1863 in Fredericksburg, Virginia

Political Party: Democrat*

Religion: Presbyterian (Christian)

Wife: Marry Ana Jackson

Allegiance: United States (USA) Confederate States of America (CSA)

Highest Rank: Lieutenant General (CSA)

Other: Died during the war by accidental friendly fire.

Involvement in the Civil War:

Thomas Jackson like many other Generals in the Civil War had previously fought in the Mexican-American War. At the start of the Civil War Jackson took command of Harpers Ferry, VA as a Colonel. After Jacksons great train raid when his men stole multiple locomotives for the Confederate cause Jackson was promoted to Brigadier General on June 17, 1861. Jackson rose to fame after his involvement at the First Battle of Bull Run where he stood still and calm and the face of battle and was given the nickname "Stonewall" Jackson. Stonewall then fought at several battles across the Eastern theater including Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville. Jackson became Robert E Lee's most prominent general because of his courage, his ferociousness, and his ability to win. After the battle of Chancellorsville where Jackson had helped win a great victory, he was accidently shot by friendly fire on a night scouting mission. He lived for over a week and had his left arm amputated, but he died of pneumonia as a result of his wounds on May 10, 1863.

Engagements (Civil War):

- Great Train Raid of 1861

- Battle of Falling Waters

- First Battle of Bull Run

- Romney Expedition

- Jackson's Valley Campaign

- Seven Days Battles

- Northern Virginia Campaign

- Maryland Campaign

- Battle of Fredericksburg

- Battle of Chancellorsville (Killed)



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