Clavicus Vile, Daedric Prince of Wishes and Trickery
No Known Aliases

Clavicus Vile, whose sphere is the granting of power and wishes through ritual invocations and pact, rules over the Realm of Clavicus Vile. It appears as a tranquil countryside, dotted with majestic cities of glass and ornate buildings.

The summoning date of Clavicus Vile is 1st of Morning Star. Clavicus Vile can also be summoned in his shrine, if the summoner offered 500 gold.

Clavicus Vile is very self-serving and his machinations are often insidious in nature.

Clavicus Vile has a companion named Barbas, who often takes the form of a dog. Barbas acts as a repository for half of Vile's power and often warns people of Vile's plots, suggesting he has some discretion and free will.

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