Hermaeus Mora, Daedric Prince of Knowledge and Memory
Aliases- Herma-Mora, Prince of Fates, Lord of Secrets, Demon of Knowledge, and the Woodland Man

Mora, whose sphere is scrying of the tides of fate, of the past and future as read in the stars and heaven, and in whose dominion are the treasures of knowledge and memory, maintains a realm called Apocrypha, where all forbidden knowledge can be found. It is an endless library, shelves stretching on every direction, stacks on top of stacks. Pages floated on a mystical wind that he could not feel. Every book had a black cover with no title. Masses of ghosts moving through the stacks, rifling through books, ever searching.

The summoning date of Hermaeus Mora is 5th of First Seed. This obscured Daedric Prince sometimes cannot be summoned as "easily" as other Daedric Princes. During the Oblivion Crisis, after the Champion of Cyrodiil finished all the quests from other Daedric Princes, the Champion of Cyrodiil was summoned instead of the champion summoning the Prince. Hermaeus Mora asked the champion to get souls, one of each of the sentient races.

Hermaeus Mora is one of the few Daedric Princes to not appear in a humanoid form. Mora prefers to take on the form of a grotesque mass of green tentacles and claws or a purple and black vortex known as the Wretched Abyss.

Hermaeus Mora is always associated with the Oghma Infinium, a tome of power that can increase the attributes of the reader instantly.

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