Mephala, Daedric Prince of Obfuscation and Secrecy
Aliases- Webspinner, Spinner, Spider, and the Anticipation of Vivec

Mephala, whose sphere is obscured to mortals, maintains a realm of Oblivion that is also completely obscured. The realm is inaccessible to mortals, but many speculate it to be intricate and woven together like a web.

The summoning date of Mephala is 13th of Frost Fall. Mephala can also be summoned in her shrine, if the summoner offered Nightshade at her statue between midnight and dawn.

Mephala's only consistent theme seems to be interference in the affairs of mortals for her amusement.

Mephala's sphere seems to indicate a careful plan carried out through executions, each life a portion of a massive web.

Mephala is speculated to be the Night Mother, an immortal spirit revered and worshipped by the Dark Brotherhood.

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