Meridia, Daedric Prince of Life and Energy
Aliases- Lady of Infinite Energies

Meridia, whose sphere is also obscured to mortals, is associated with the energies of living things. Her holdings in Oblivion are collectively known as "The Colored Rooms".

The summoning date of Meridia is 13th of Morning Star. Meridia can also be summoned in her shrine, if the summoner offers something from the corpse of an undead creature at the statue.

Meridia harbors intense hatred for the undead and people who practice Necromancy.

 It is stated that Meridia is one of the few Daedric Princes that are considered to be not wholly evil.

¬†Another Prince whose origins may not entirely be outside of the aetherial, Meridia has at several times been linked to Magnus the Sun. The most famous account of this association is the Tract of Merid-nunda, which overtly casts Meridia in the role of a “wayward solar daughter, cast from the heavens for consorting with illicit spectra”. This has caused many to speculate that she was once one of the Magna Ge (literally the “Children of Magnus”), or “Star Orphans”, a group of divine beings who followed Magnus in his retreat to Aetherius soon after the creation of Nirn; the departure of Magnus left a hole in Mundus which became the sun and the departure of the Magna Ge left smaller holes which became the stars.

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