Molag Bal, Daedric Prince of Domination, Subjugation and Corruption
Aliases- God of Schemes, Lord of Domination and Harvester of Souls

Molag Bal, whose sphere is domination and enslavement, the harvest of souls of mortals and to bring mortal souls within his sway by spreading seeds of strife and discord in the mortal realms, rules over a realm called “Coldharbour”. It contains an apocalyptic version of Nirn; the sky is on fire, the ground is a barely-traversable sludge, and the realm is filled with ancient, blackened ruins. A defiled copy of the White Gold Tower exists, splattered with blood and excrement. The realm is desolate and barren, filled with suffering. It is unnaturally cold, even with magical resistance, and the air assaults the senses, changing rapidly from rancid death to sweet flowered perfume.

The summoning date of Molag Bal is 20th of Evening Star. Molag Bal can also be summoned in his shrine by offering a lion pelt.

Molag Bal is one of the Four Corners of the House of Troubles; he tries to upset the bloodlines of the Houses or otherwise ruin Dunmeri 'purity'.

Molag Bal is widely considered to be the most overtly malevolent of the Daedric Princes.

Molag Bal is known as the father of Vampirism; one legend claims that he created the first vampire when he defiled a Nedic virgin, who in turn slaughtered a group of nomads. He is also said to have made pacts with other mortals to turn them into vampires.

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