Namira, Daedric Prince of Shadow, Revulsion and Decay
Aliases- The Lady of Decay, the Spirit Daedra and the Great Darkness

Namira, ruler of sundry dark and shadowy spirits, whose sphere is the ancient darkness, is associated with spiders, insects, slugs, and other repulsive creatures which inspire mortals with an instinctive revulsion. Namira also appears to be associated with beggars and the beggaring gifts of disease, pity and disregard. Her realm, the Scuttling Void, is an eternal dimension about which little is known other than its name.

The summoning date of Namira is 9th of Second Seed. Namira can also be summoned in her shrine by someone repulsive, as she does not like attractive people.

Namira's followers keep to themselves, preferring to live peacefully in dark and squalid conditions, though they will react violently at any attempts to "save" them from their lifestyles. Their behavior has even involved ritualistic murder and cannibalism.

Namira and her shadowy endeavors are recognized to bear some association with eternity.

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