Nocturnal, Daedric Princess of Night, Darkness and Luck
Aliases- The Night Mistress, Mistress of Shadows, The Unknowable, Daughter of Twilight, Empress of Murk, The Mistress of Mystery and The Saint of Suspicion

Nocturnal, whose sphere is the night and darkness, possesses the realm of Evergloam. It is the realm of perpetual twilight, and the cradle of shadow.

The summoning date of Nocturnal is 3rd of Hearthfire. Nocturnal can also be summoned by the Nightingales, a trio of highly skilled thieves dedicated to serving her.

The Twilight Sepulcher is the temple to Nocturnal which houses the Ebonmere, a conduit to the Evergloam, which is guarded by the Nightingale Sentinels.

Nocturnal is more or less the deity of thieves, although she does not ask for worshippers, nor does she necessarily give blessings to those that do recognize her.

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