Peryite, Daedric Prince of Pestilence
Aliases- The Taskmaster

Peryite, whose sphere is the ordering of the lowest order of Oblivion, pestilence and disease, rules over a realm called the Pits. Here, Peryite guards the lowest orders of Oblivion. The realm resembles the Deadlands, with lava seas, volcanic islands and ruined structures; it is usually completely inaccessible to mortals, but there have been several exceptions.

The summoning date of Peryite is 9th of Rain's Hand.

Peryite appears to take pleasure in "blessing" his worshippers with diseases, and is considered one of the more destructive daedra.

Despite being one of the weaker Princes, Peryite often takes the form of a dragon. He has also been known to appear as ghostly apparitions of vermin, such as skeevers.

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