Sanguine, Daedric Prince of Debauchery
No Known Aliases

Sanguine, whose sphere is hedonistic revelry and debauchery, and passionate indulgences of darker natures, controls a collection of thousands of realms known as Sanguine's Realms; the realms are used mainly as pleasure pockets and very little is known about them. One of these realms, named Misty Grove, was visited by the Last Dragonborn in 4E 201 (Year 201 of the 4th Era); it appeared as a mist-filled copse of trees crossed by burbling streams and paths with small stone bridges, lit by lanterns in an eternal early evening.

The summoning date of Sanguine is 16th of Sun's Dawn, also known as Heart's Day. Sanguine can also be summoned in his shrine, if the summoner offers Cyrodilic Brandy.

Fittingly, Sanguine often appears on the seals and signs of brothels and whorehouses; he is typically depicted as a portly man with a dremora-like head with horns, always with a bottle in his hand or a harlot under his thumb.

The term sanguine can mean either "cheerfully optimistic" or "bloody"; the double meaning is appropriate for a prince whose realm encompasses both the light and dark sides of passion.

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