Vaermina, Daedric Prince of Dreams and Nightmares
Aliases- Vaermina the Gifter and Weaver of the Panoply

Vaermina, whose sphere is the realm of dreams and nightmares, maintains the realm called Quagmire, a nightmarish realm which issues forth evil omens. Every few minutes, there is a flash of lightning and reality shifts in seemingly impossible ways, always to something more horrible and horrifying than its last incarnation.

The summoning date of Vaermina is 10th of Sun's Height. Vaermina may accept a summoning in her shrine, if the summoner offers a black soul gem.

From her citadel in the center of Quagmire, Vaermina reaches out into Mundus and collects the memories of sleeping mortals, leaving nothing but visions of horror and despair. These experiences, known as nightmares, involve the mind of a mortal traveling to Quagmire. Through the use of magical teleportation, it is possible for a mortal to enter Quagmire while awake.

Quagmire and Mundus have been known to partially merge where Vaermina's influence is strong, usually in the area surrounding one of her artifacts.

Although historically it is Molag Bal who contrite vampires turn to for relief from their curse, Bal must solicit Vaermina for the actual cure, though the particulars of this transaction are unknown.

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