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Making a website is not as easy as it looks. I learned that during my Web Graphics and Design website project.  In this project I had to pick a topic and make a website on the topic that contained a home page, reflection, works cited, and several pages about the actual topic.  In order to complete this project I had a lot of work ahead of me. First things first, I had to make a plan of attack for the flash animation that is included on this website. Then I made an outline of how my website was going to be set up.  After that I began making my website using Adobe Dreamweaver. After that was the hardest part, making the flash animation. In order to make the flash animation I had to use Adobe Flash Professional CS6, and well let’s just say I’m not exactly the best when it comes to making a flash. I had to restart my flash at least 4 times because I had a difficult time making mine. After I made my flash I had to make a works cited which was probably the easiest part of this entire project! Once the works cited was finished I had to link all of my pictures to the sites where I obtained them. Finally, I was able to make my reflection!
In order to complete this project I had to use my prior knowledge of Dreamweaver and Flash professional, which I learned in this class. Also, I had to use my own knowledge of comic books.  This was definitely a learning experience and I had a lot of fun making my website! I have to give a shout out to Conor Barry for making the Joker paint that is located on couple # 2’s page. Something I would have done differently is managed my time more. I was out a lot during the past few weeks because of illness and family issues, which hindered my time and the quality of my flash and a few other aspects of this project. Next time I intended to use the time I have in class more appropriately so that I am not scrambling to finish my project a few days before it is due. I feel pretty accomplished and proud of myself for actually finishing my project. I would also like to thank Mr. Herz for all his help!  I hope everyone enjoys this website as much as I do!  

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