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Common High School Cheers for Football and Basketball:



Move It:

M-O *clap* *clap*

V-E *clap* *clap*

Move the ball to victory

(Repeat three times)


Six More:

Come on lets score

We Want six more

(Repeat three times)



First and Ten:

First and ten

Do it again lets win

(Repeat three times)

Competion Cheer:



'Gansett cheer

The ladies from the shore

Fierce on the mat taking title number four

Believe what you see, the best just got better

The red, black, and white, now and forever

We're so sick, we've got this in the bag

Bringing back the trophy, Narragansett swag

Tradition and perfection, second for the rest

Four years and counting, black and reds the best

Defending our title, second place won't do

We'll be on top and you'll be number two

You'll have to take it from us, we won't give in

Better luck next time, champions again, Gansett!

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