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From the moment the cheer tryouts begin to the very last practice before you first compete, all the hard work and perspiration pay off during competition season. This is a season of wins, losses, and teams building together. Competition season is the most stressful time for any cheerleader, however, the most exciting. A competition routine is 2 minutes and 30 seconds consisting of the most advanced skills a team can muster. The routine always requires a cheer, dance, jumps, tumbling, and stunting portions. Cheerleading that is not on the sidelines cheering on a sports team, but it's own independent sport. Competitions are held to judge teams on things such as their tumbling and stunting abilities. Much training and a higher skill level is needed to succeed at competitive cheerleading. 

NCA Senior and Junior High School National Championship:


NCA School Open National Championship:


NCA All-Star National Championship:


NCA & NDA Collegiate Cheer and Dance Championship:


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