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Competition Sneakers:

The competition cheerleading sneakers are always pure white, very flexible, and have less grip on the soles of the shoe compared to other running shoes. The top brands for cheerleading sneakers are Nfinity, Varsity, and ASICS. The sneakers are very pricey and range from $50-$80.



The cheerleading bows are very famous for having the same material as the uniform itself and for having the most detail, shine, color, sparkle, and attractive appearance. The bows are normally a few inches bigger than a hand and are known to be very expensive. The prices range from $10-$30. Each bow contains a hair elastic to wear on the top of head of a cheerleader.


The uniforms are the the second most expensive piece of equipment a cheerleader will need when performing or cheering. There are many different styles of uniform depending on a college team, high school team, or an All-Star team. High school uniforms commonly consist of spandex shorts or a flexible skirt with spandex underneath and a spandex-type long sleeve top. The top of the uniform can have key-hole cutouts, sheer fabric, and many other styles involving personal designs and colors. A college team usually consists of a flexible skirt with spandex underneath or more commonly spandex shorts to be able to perform the routine comfortably. The top for cheering at games is usually a full coverage uniform with different colors, designs, and fabrics. However, the competition top is commonly a shirt that stops mid-torso and is designed to be more expensive and detailed. An All-Star team's uniform is very similar to a college competitive team's uniform.

A high school competition cheerleading uniform.

A college/All-Star competition cheerleading uniform.

Cheer Mats:

The cheer mats are for protection against hard surfaces, give more height and bounce to jumps, and create an outline of the routine. These mat are generally between $300-$800, depending on size, and are 2-3.5 inches tall.

Cheer Mats.

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