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Sydney Varsen

Mr. Herz

Web Graphics and Design

13 May 2013

Competition Cheerleading Reflection

The United States Congress has stated that competition cheerleading is not an official sport, however, cheerleading is worth so much more. This common task consisted of creating a detailed website using the program Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 and creating a flash animation using the program Adobe Flash Professional CS5. The website had to include a reflection, work cited, a flash animation, and eight sites that all have internal links to each other. Each page must have navigational bars and pictures to elaborate the topic. The flash animation consisted of a complex animation that must be over 100 frames. The processes used to learn the content for this task included many background skills and knowledge. To learn how to complete the task, I learned how to create a basic website on Dreamweaver, HTML code, how to create basic and complex flash animations, and how to operate a computer efficiently. I acquired several skills while completing this task. For example, I learned how to develop a challenging flash animation and how to create a sufficient website. I have learned more about web design than any other classes I have completed in my past high school history. These skills are very important when related to my future because no matter what major subject I will graduate in or what future high school classes I will take, I will need to know how to create a website and an animation for any future projects. To complete this task, I first chose a topic and created a layout consisting of each page and what descriptions and pictures will be displayed. I then created a plan of attack for my flash animation which included the number of frames, number of layers, number of objects, the most difficult aspect of the animation, and what will move in the flash. Following my plan of attack and layout, I developed an eight page website including photos, descriptions of the subtopic, and navigational bars to return or go to local sites. After completing my website, I began to develop my flash animation of a cheerleader performing a toe-touch jump. I encountered several obstacles during this task such as having to resave most of my photos on Dreamweaver from an unknown technological error, choosing what my flash animation will consist of, and developing my animation so each layer moves simultaneously. To fix the errors, I went back to each problem and performed the task again and edited any problems within the flash. For the animation, I edited each movement and made sure each layer moved the same way at each keyframe when the layer had a classic tween movement. This task helped me personally understand web design from several aspects. I learned the necessary vocabulary for developing a website using HTML code and the process of developing a website through Dreamweaver. I know to save a photo before inserting it into a dreamweaver webpage and to always have the first page titled "Index." The completion of this task has helped me as a student in several specific ways. For example, I am capable of creating a complex and detailed website for any future projects for school or other related projects. By understanding the world of web design, I have the skills to use a computer to great lengths and to create websites, flash animations, and preparation for such projects. I anticipate using these skills in the future for college and school related work to develope a website and animation professionally and proficiently. Overall, this was a very interesting and informational common task that has helped me develop my computer skills to enormous lengths.


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