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Half (Extension Prep):

When the flyer is being held at shoulder level by the bases and backspot.


An extended stunt where the flyer is standing with both feet in the hands of the base(s). The flyers feet are kept shoulder width apart. Each foot of the flyer is supported by a different hand.

Liberty (Lib):

This stunt may be done at the prep or extended level. The flyer stands on one leg, the other leg is bent with their toe pointed at the knee.

Single-Based Stunt:

The stunt is only held up by one base who holds onto both the flyers feet and the backspot who supports the flyers ankles.

Transitional Pyramid:

A grouping of multiple stunts that may or may not be connected to create a visual effect. The people standing at ground level may be incorporated into the grouping or not.

Basket Toss:

A toss which involves traditionally two bases, a back spot and possibly a front spot, in which the bases hands are interlocked. The flyer is launched very high in the air, performs a skill, and is caught in a cradle and catching position. The flyers skill can consist of a straight ride, toe-touch, or a twist.

Twist Cradle:

Following a pop (toss), the flyer, in a vertical position, rotates 360 degrees before being caught by the bases and a back spot in a cradle catch. This stunt is also called a Full Down.

Third-Level Flyer:

This stunt is a 2 ½ high pyramid, in which the flyer’s primary (main base) support is given by a person who is not in direct contact with the cheering surface of the pyramid.

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