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The Patriots undeniably had one of the greatest seasons a team has ever put together. Winning every regualr season game, the first team since the 1972 Miami Dolphins went undefeated, the Patriots entered the playoffs 16-0. With the first seed in the AFC playoffs, the Patriots defeated both the Jacksonville Jaguars 31–20 and San Diego Chargers 21–12 to advance to Super Bowl XLII. With everyone betting on the Patriots taking out the Giants and completing the only 19-0 season in NFL history, many people saw this team as the greatest of all time.

Despite being the overwhelming favorites to win the game, the Patriots failed to protect a four point lead on a Giants drive late in the fourth quarter. A dramatic pass from scrambling Giants QB Eli Manning to an unbelievable catch by wide receiver David Tyree put the Giants deep in Patriots territory, and a Manning touchdown pass to Plaxico Burress gave the Giants a lead with just 35 seconds left. The Patriots could not score again and came out on the losing end of what is considered one of the greatest upsets in sports history, ending their perfect season dreams.