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Most people do not even know where to begin when asked what they know about how to create websites. For this task, we had to learn how to create a website with at least eight different pages and links to all the pictures. We also had to include a flash animation that we created that is somehow relevent to the website. After choosing our website's topic, we created a website layout and began to work on the website itself. We used many skills that we had learned in the previous classes with things like how to link everything, managing websites, and being being able to put the flash together in a succesful manner. I became much more adept at using Adobe Flash and Dreamweaver, since these were the two websites i used through out the course of this task. Knowing how to use these programs was criticle becuase the entire project revolves around being able to manipulate these programs to abide by my command. I encountered a few obstacles, but all were of the same nature. I would either need help fully understanding or remembering how to use certain commands tomdo what i wished to do, especially in the Adobe Flash program. To troubleshoot these errors, I either asked Mr. Herz what to do or relied on my fellow students to help me with whatever problem i was experiencing. This task greatly improved my knowledge on Web Design, becuase it forced me to learn all of the steps to making a website, from the simple things like managing your sites to the more complex things like making sure each page and picture is linked to correctly or to it's original source. The completion of this tak has helped me as a student becuase it has provided me with a whole new range of skills as far as my computer skills as a whole. Considering how much my generation is beginning to rely on computers, I assume that i will be able to use these skills in many situations that will pop up over the rest of my schooling. Over all this was a very unique and fun project to do and i am glad I was able to participate in it.