Jake Clarke

Web Design

Mr. Herz

June 5 2013


Learning about a favorite band of mine was a fun and new experience for me, but in addition to the new knowledge I acquired it was extremely interesting to learn the system on how to make a website to post the new found information. For this task I had to pick a topic to do my project on and I chose one of my favorite bands, young the giant. To learn this content I used a range of information stemming from wikipedia to other fan made websites. As for skills to create the product, we were prepared for this through the entire semester; we started with the the basic blocks of coding on a notepad, after that we moved up to Dreamweaver, a much easier tool to create websites rather than learning actual code. Finally we used the adobe flash program to make flashes in which we later needed for this task. Through the completion of this task I acquired new organization skills by making sure I kept records of links for pictures in order to completely do my reflection. The skills in this task that I demonstrated were my building upon use of flash animations and the Dreamweaver application. These skills were extremely influential in this task because without either the knowledge of Dreamweaver or It would  be nearly impossible to complete the task assigned. Before anything happened I first made a plan of attack that described what my flash was going to be and how many pages were going to be on it with what it would cover. After I had my rough sketch ready I began the research for the pages I had planned to cover, when I began to put the information into my skeletal outline of a website, it did not seem as presentable as i expected so I added pictures for the background. The original idea for my flash animation was too complex because there was the new element of adding in music that we had not done in class yet so instead I finagled my way through the predicament and found a more efficient way to  make a better flash. This task was beneficial to my growth as a student in web design because it helped me learn , in sum, what I learned throughout the majority of the semester. By completing this task I have improved as a student because in the future when I need a good way to organize a presentation or project I can use the skills acquired to make a website and organize the ideas.