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Brooke McGreen
Mr. Herz
Web Graphics
5 June 2013
Learning Reflection for creating a website

For this task, I had to create a website, with seven different pages. For my website I researched information on Rihanna. My different pages were her biography, albums, awards, career, reflection, work cited, and her hit singles. I had to have at least three different sources on Rihanna so my website was full with information. Also, when I found different pictures I had to cite them to the website that I had found them on and if I had a picture for a background I had to copy the URL and put it on my works cited page. For this task I had to use a lot of background information in order to know what I was doing. I had to know how to link pages to other pages, and basically make a whole website. I used information from the past to help me like hyperlinks, managing my site, and learning how to use Dreamweaver. I used many different skills to complete this task.  I had to know how to use proper MLA format to create a works cited page, I needed good thinking skills, because if I was stuck on something then I would need to figure out how to fix it. These skills were important for this task because I wouldn’t be able to do the task without them. To complete the website I had to go through a process. I had to first manage my site, decide what my seven different pages were going to be about, then hyperlink the different pages to each other. After I did that I had to find different information about each topic.  Also on this task I had to create a flash animation that related to my topic which was Rihanna. I made a flash animation that had diamonds falling over Rihanna’s face, because one of her popular songs was Diamonds.  I had the most trouble with thinking of a good animation to do for my topic. Rihanna was a hard subject to think of an animation for. Once I thought of an animation I didn’t have too much trouble and when I did I worked my way through it. This task helped me understand web design more. I used everything I learned, to create this website. Web design taught me how people use websites for businesses in the real world and what a good website is. This task helped me as a student because it made me understand why websites are important and how helpful they are in the real world. In conclusion, I anticipate on using these skills in the future if I need to advertise something or make a different website.

Biograhy ~ Albums ~ Awards ~ Reflection ~ Works Cited ~ Career ~ Hit Singles