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Josh Lavoie
Mr. Herz
Web Design
11 June 2013                                         
Web Graphics Reflection

            During this project we created a webpage of our choice using a flash animation and at least 8 total pages, we did this using adobe flash and dream weaver.  I know how to do all of this because of prior knowledge considering we have done everything that we would need to know in bits and pieces so we basically needed to just put it all together to make a website. I acquired a few skills including learning how to make a classic shape tween in my animation correctly. This task is very important just in case one day I need to create an animation or even a website. To create the task the first thing that I did was create my flash animation because I personally felt it was the most difficult part of the task then I created my many pages with pictures etc.  I didn’t have much trouble creating this page but my main problem was definitely getting my shape tween to work at first but I fixed it to the best of my ability by double checking everything and finding the errors to correct so it would work properly.  This task really helped me understand this class because at the beginning of the semester we did it separately and I didn’t understand how it resembled Web Design until now. This will definitely help me in the future of school and life because I know how to create animation which I can use for school projects and more. That was basically what we did and needed to do for this task.