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For the website-building common-task, I was instructed to create a flash animation based ona a topic that I would later create a website on. Before this task, I had to complete many assignments that reflected my new knowlege of the programs, Adobe Flash Animation and Adobe Dremweaver. Through these assignments, I was able to practice the skills I demonstrated for this task, which included animating and website-building. Without these skills, I would not have been able to proficiently complete the assignment.

This common task took many steps. First, I chose a topic to build my website and animation from. I chose the band, Mayday Parade. I then completed a plan of attack worksheet to map out my website and the basics of my animation. Lastly, I built my animation and website. However, I found creating the animation was very difficult. It was difficult for me to get the pieces moving individually without affecting any of the other parts. Howver, I experimented with different motions until the animation came out decent. This task helped me understand the basics of Adobe Flash and Adobe Dreamweaver. This task was a true test of my knowledge, and after completing it, I can confirm that I adiquately understand the basics of these programs.

This task was very helpful in teaching me to overcome challenges without much help and through observation. Not only that, but it pushed me to use my undersanding that I already had of the programs to learn even more about them by myself. Hopefully, I will be able to use my knowledge to create sites in the future, to help me with assignments and projects for other classes, and to do well in future classes involving computers.

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