The Game of Tennis

For this Task, I needed to create an eight page website on the topic of our choosing and a flash animation to accompany it animation. I acquired the necessary skills to do this by completing assignments that were given in class throughout the year. By completing projects like the Flash Animation Copy and the various website editing activities found in the textbook, I learned how to create flash animations and successfully create and edit websites in HTML format. The skills we acquired during the semester on flash were very useful, but unfortunately no sufficient enough, so I had to do some research on the side.  HTML skills were less important on the other hand, because Dreamweaver does all the coding for you.

To start the website, after drawing up my plan of course, I created a site and developed the homepage. Next, I created the individual pages to go over every important aspect of my topic, as well as a Works Cited page and a Reflection page. After acquiring information and images on my subjects, I inputted it all on to the website and finished the text based part. Then it was time to create the animation. I ran into some issues while creating my flash, mostly due to being obsessive over every detail to the point where I had no time left to make it look good. This task has showed me how difficult it is to properly create and maintain a website and has given me some perspective on how hard website designers work.

This task has helped me grow as a student because I learned how use important applications used in many fields. I anticipate using these skills in the future when I create flash animations and websites.

This website was created very quickly for a project in my web design class, and I realize it isn't very "good" persay. I will not be held accountable if you lose your socks because they may or may not have been knocked off by this site. If you happen to like the website and also happen to be Mr. Herz, please be sure to give the author a 100 on this project!