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Main Characters

Eric Forman

Donna Pinciotti

Steven Hyde

Michael Kelso

Jackie Burkhart



Other Characters

Katherine Anne "Kitty" Forman - A loving, somewhat smothering mother, Kitty is Eric's borderline alcoholic mother who is characterized by her shrill laugh and slightly crazy tendencies.

Reginald "Red" Forman - Eric's war-veteran father. He is tough on Eric and dislikes being social, doing so only to please his wife, Kitty. He often refers to Eric and his friends as "dumbasses" and often threatens to "put a foot up your ass".

Laurie Forman - Eric's promiscuous sister who is known for sleeping around. She and Eric have a rocky relationship and often rat each other out to their parents. Laurie and Kelso have a brief period of romance while he is dating Jackie.

Bob Pinciotti - The protective father of Donna, Bob is friends with a reluctant Red who often comments on his stupidity. After he ends his troubled relationship with wife Midge, he dates a few women, including Jackie's beautiful mother, Pamela.

Midge Pinciotti - Donna's ditzy mother who, although constantly supportive of her daughter's actions, has marriage troubles with her husband and ends up leaving him.

Leo - an aging stoner, Leo was the boss of the Foto Hut and a father figure for Hyde.

Randy Pearson - After Hyde hires Randy at his record store, Randy becomes a part of the group and briefly dates Donna while Eric is in Africa.

Joanne Stupac - Bob's girlfriend after his wife, Midge, left him.

Caroline - Fez's psychotic ex-girlfriend who threatened to kill all his female friends and admitted to being on medication for her psychological issues.

Bud Hyde - Hyde's stepfather who ran out on the family when Hyde was young. He comes back to make amends, but Hyde finds out Bud isn't his biological father.

William Barnett - Hyde's biological father, who everybody is shocked to learn is black. He gives Hyde a job managing a record store.

Brooke - at a Molly Hatchet concert, Kelso "did it" with Brooke in a bathroom stall. She is at first embarassed to admit she slept with Kelso, but then shocks him and the rest of the crew by telling them she is pregnant and Kelso is going to be a father.

Samantha Hyde - while in Las Vegas, Hyde marries a stripper while intoxicated. She lives with him in the Forman household until her real husband shows up, proving her and Hyde's marriage to be illegitimate and Hyde sends her away.

Pamela Burkhart - Jackie's flighty mother. Pamela is materialistic and is said to use men to get what she wants. She coasts through life on her good looks.

Mr. Burkhart - The rich father of Jackie, he is not always there to help raise her. He gives her everything she wants. Jackie states that "my dad isn't really around a lot... but he gives me lots of expensive stuff, so I love him!"

Roy Keene - Hyde, Eric, and Kelso's boss when they worked as hotel restuarant staff. Roy is nervous and awkward, showcasing his inability to talk to women.

Casey Kelso - the older brother of Michael Kelso, Casey briefly dates Donna after her and Eric break up. He then proceeds to break up with Donna in front of everyone, prompting her to leave for California because she was embarassed.

Pastor Dave - The pastor from the church the Formans attend, Pastor Dave is an awkward man who forms a tentative friendship with Red, bonding over the Packers football. In a Christmas episode, the gang ties him up in Christmas lights until he allows Eric to perform in a Christmas play for the church.

Rhonda - Fez's first girlfriend, often referred to as "Big Rhonda". She is taller and larger than Fez, but

Charlie Richardson - the son of Allen Richardson, of one of Red's war buddies. Charlie is gullible and desperate to fit in with the group, bringing the guys to his father's beer warehouse after they peer pressure him. After only a few episodes on the show, Charlie falls off the water tower the gang often sits on and he dies. This is ironic since Kelso has fallen off the water tower countless amounts of times without being hurt.

Bea Sigurdson - Bea appears to be a friendly old lady, but she is loud and rude. She often nags her husband, Burt.

Burt Sigurdson - Kitty's shy, soft-spoken father who is often shown trying to avoid his screaming wife, Bea. Burt dies in season five from a heart attack.

Edna Hyde - Hyde's mother with whom he doesn't have a good relationship. She leaves him to fend for himself when she runs off with a trucker, prompting the Formans to take Hyde into their home.

Pam Macy - often mentioned in the show, Pam is a girl who Kelso pines after, cheating on Jackie multiple times in order to hook up with Pam.










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